Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quick News

Against Me! Front man Tom Gabel took to twitter to announce that the band are currently recording their next album.

Johnny Rotten or John Lydon as he likes to be refereed to when he is not in Sex Pistols, has confirmed the title of Public Image Ltd.'s forthcoming ninth album, the album This is PiL will be out next year.

New Order are pushing back the release of their EP, Lost Sirens to March instead of next month. The band sans-Peter Hook announced they will be playing Australia in the New Year.

After having much success coming back with last years, History of Modern record, Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark will begin work on their forthcoming album, English Electric next month. OMD plan to have the album out next year.

After over a decade, Black Star aka Talib Kweli and Mos Def or Yasiin Bey as he is known now, will return with Black Star Aretha. A record inspired by and a tribute to Aretha Franklin, the album will be out sometime next year.

What could be the greatest "WHAT THE FUCK!?" moment in modern music - Feist and Mastodon are teaming up to do a 7" split together for Record Store Day. The 7" will hear each artist cover a song from the other. Simply stunning and simply amazing!

This past weekend, Mike Skinner retired The Streets and performed his last show under the hip-hop moniker. Skinner is now working on a project called The Dot with former Music singer Rob Harvey who guested on Streets last record, Computers and Blues.

In a massive undertaking that has taken Discord Records years to do, Fugazi are set to release their entire live back catalogue. Nearly every show the band did from their conception in 1987 to their end in 2002 has been documented and recorded in one format or another has now been remastered. The live catalogue for the band, who never really stopped touring until they called in quits is now available on Discord site. In 2009 we interviewed Fugazi co-singer and guitarist and Discord founder, Ian Mackaye, listen to that interview HERE.

Buzz beauty Lana Del Rey has titled her forthcoming debut, Born 2 Die. The album will be out in January.

Jonquil are set to release their third album, Point of Gold on March 5. Take a look at the tracklisting below:
01. Swells
02. Getaway
03. It's My Part
04. Point Of Go (Part 1)
05. Point Of Go (Part 2)
06. Run
07. This Innocent
08. Real Cold
09. Mexico
10. History Of Headaches
11. Psammead