Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Order Cover & Track Listing

Speaking to Slicing Up Eyeballs, Peter Hook gave info on a forthcoming New Order EP. The EP entitled, Lost Sirens will be out next month and will feature 8 songs that were leftover from the band's last record, Waiting for the Siren's Call.

Hook says this will "bring closure" to New Order, or his version of New Order that is. The band are currently on the road without Hooky after a much publicized and much controversial dispute in the press. Take a look at the cover to Lost Sirens above and the track listing below:

1. “Stay With You”
2. “Sugarcane”
3. “Recoil”
4. “Californian Grass (Doomy)”
5. “Hellbent”
6. “Shake It Up”
7. “I’ve Got A Feeling”
8. “I Told You So”