Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick News

Due to security issues, Metallica were forced to cancel their first gig in India this past week. The band, who were set to play in the sub-continent as part of a Grand Prix celebration weekend, had to bail due to incorrect security measures at the venue. Fans rioted and organizers of the event were arrested.

Though Tom Smith is busy with his side project - Smith and Burrows, he has spoke to Q Magazine about the forthcoming Editors record. Smith says "Its still going to be fairly electronic, I think, compared to our earlier records," he said of the new album. "So far it feels quite muscular with a bit of swagger and a bit more of a groove. The last record was liberating in lots of different ways and I think we just need to, kind of, build on that..... with a nod to our past as well. Its our fourth record and we don't want to feel like we're doing the same thing again." The record is projected to arrive next year.

Because The Flaming Lips cannot get crazier, the band have released a 24 hour long song. Yes, you read that correctly, so if you have a full day to kill listen to it HERE.

Japanese hardcore band, Envy have released a song on iTunes to raise money for the victims of that horrific Earthquake that rocked Japan and Asia earlier this year. Grab the song HERE.