Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Movie of the Month - Win Win

It is very rare that a film comes together so perfectly as Win Win. A film that not only resonated with most of America during the finical crisis, but was also entertaining, heartfelt, and touching. The 2011 dramedy directed by Thomas McCarthy (The Station Agent) showcases a middle-aged father and wresting coach who is trying to make ends meat for his family at his failing New Jersey law firm. The lawyer, Mike (Paul Giamatti) tries to turn things around when a client with dementia and is ordered to be taken under the care of a guardian, while the client has no recollection of family, Mike steps in and makes up a story so he can get the $1,500 a month stipend that will help solve some of his financial problems at home. Unexpectedly, the clients teenage grandson from out of town arrives and tracks down Mike and wants to live with the man who was allegedly taking care of his grandfather. Low and behold, the teen turns out to be a hell of wrestler that can also save Mike's struggling squad. Win Win is a film about a man who is just trying to provide during hard times and with a phenomenal cast featuring Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Bobby Canavale, Jeffery Tambour, Burt Young and Alex Sheiffer. It is win win all around.