Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quick News

The Who have announced that after their 2015 50th anniversary tour, the band, or what is left of them, will stop touring forever.

Next week, L.A. alternative legends Jane's Addiction will get their own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

A supergroup called Salvador Dali Parton which features members of Mumford & Sons, The Vaccines, JEFF the Brotherhood, Old Crow Medicine Show will play six gigs in one day on November 2 in Nashville. While in the process, the band will also be cutting an album, live in front of their audiences.

Eminem spoke to Rolling Stone about his upcoming Marshall Mathers LP 2 and said, "Calling it 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2', obviously I knew that there might be certain expectations. I wouldn't want to call it that just for the sake of calling it that. I had to make sure that I had the right songs – and just when you think you got it, you listen and you're like, 'Fuck, man! I feel like it needs this or that,' to paint the whole picture."

Paul McCartney has said he has stopped writing new songs. Speaking to England's The Daily Star, he said, "I'm resisting writing any more songs as I've got so many. I got everything off my chest with 'New', and next I need to go through my pile of demo ideas. It'll be like cleaning out my attic – I know I should do it even though I don't really want to. There are loads of songs I've started in the past couple of years that I need to finish off. Some are just sketchy ideas but I think there are a lot of strong ideas in my demos too, which I need to sit down and ­figure out how to finish."

FINALLY! On January 21, 2014, Against Me! will release their much anticipated new album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues. Take a look at the albums tracklisting below:
"Transgender Dysphoria Blues"
"True Trans Soul Rebel"
"Unconditional Love"
"Drinking With the Jocks"
"Osama Bin Laden as the Crucified Christ"
"Dead Friend"
"Two Coffins"
"Paralytic States"
"Black Me Out"