Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Quick News

In March, Peter Murphy will release his new live album, Bare Boned and Sacred, which was recorded inside New York's Le Poisson Rouge during his recent acoustic and unplugged tour.

Interpol have confirmed that they are working on a new record that will come out in 2018.

U2 are set to embark on the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree in the summer and bassist Adam Clayton tells Rolling Stone that fans can expect to hear new songs from the forthcoming Songs of Experience. He said: "It would be very much my wish that we could play something from Experience as part of the show, maybe one or two songs. Again, I caution that by saying we really have to see the arc of this show and we have to figure out whether those Experience songs would work well in a stadium in this context, but I'd love to see some of that material out there and people being familiar with it before the album comes out." He also said that the events of Brexit and Trump's presidential victory have postponed the new record from arriving and inspired new material. He said: "In the course of that year, some kind of strange political movements seemed to start happening. First of all, there was Brexit in the U.K., which was just a signal that things were changing. I'm not sure how people took it. Then, quite quickly on the back of it, was the rise of Trumpism. And that was like, "Oh, OK, there's something going on here. There's maybe something we missed and we need to start watching this." That sort of encouraged us to go away from trying to finish the record too quickly without being able to factor in some of the things this is telling us."

James Hetfield spoke to Straits Times and said that Metallica fans will not have to wait another eight years like they did with their excellent new album, Hardwired...To Self Destruct to hear new music. Hetfield said waiting that long to put out a record was "a mistake."

Members of Prophets of Rage such as Tom Morello, B-Real, and Brad Wilk all took to Instagram to confirm that the supergroup is in the studio working on new music.

The wife of the late David Bowie, former supermodel Iman, took to Instagram to break the news that the Royal Mail will feature the "Heroes" singer's face on an upcoming collection of stamps in the UK. 
Repost from @davidbowie @TopRankRepost #TopRankRepost ROYAL MAIL TO HONOUR BOWIE WITH 10 SPECIAL STAMPS “Somebody send me...” Royal Mail in the UK has announced it will issue a set of 10 Special Stamps (pictured) as a tribute to David Bowie in March. Among the items being produced are the following: Set of 10 David Bowie Special Stamps (6 album covers and 4 live shots) Presentation Pack First Day Cover - Stamps First Day Cover - Stamp Sheet The Berlin Years Souvenir Cover Album Art Fan Sheet "Heroes" Framed Stamp and Print Fans and philatelists alike can view all of the permutations and pre-order the stamps from today by visiting: The stamps will be on sale from 14 March 2017 at and from 7,000 Post Office branches across the UK and by calling 03457 641 641 Go here for the full press release: #RoyalMailBowie #BowieStamps
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Guided By Voices will release their new album, a double record called August by Cake, in April. The record will be member Robert Pollard's 100th album since entering the music world in 1986. Take a look at the massive tracklisting, below:
 00 Bob Intro
01 5ยบ on the Inside
02 Generox — Gray
03 When We All Hold Hands
04 Goodbye Note
05 We Liken the Sun.
06 Fever Pitch
07 Absent the Man
08 Packing the Dead Zone
09 What Begins on New Years Day
10 Overloaded
11 Keep Me Down
12 West Coast Company Man
13 Warm Up to Religion
14 High 5 Hall of Famers
15 Hiking Skin
16 Sudden Fiction
17 Its Food
18 Cheap Buttons
19 Substitute 11
20 Chew the Sand
21. Dr. Feelgood Falls Off the Ocean
22 The Laughing Closet
23 Deflect Project
24 Upon the Circus Bus
25 Try It Out Its Nothing
26 Sentimental Wars
27 Circus Day Holdout
28 Whole Tomatoes
29 Amusement Park Is Over
30 Golden Doors
31 The Possible Edge
32 Escape to Phoenix