Monday, January 2, 2017

Movie of the Month: 'Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap'

In 2012, Ice-T, who has made a career as an emcee and actor, stepped behind the camera for the first time to direct his first film about a topic close to his heart. He unleashed to the world, Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap, which takes the iconic emcee interviewing his friends and colleagues about how spitting on a microphone started in the Boogie Down Bronx and then ended up in the West Coast before taking over the world. From well known acts of today like Kanye West, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Nas, Ice Cube, Yasiin Bey, to the O.G.'s like Chuck D, Marley Marl, Melle Mel, Rakim, Grandmaster Caz, Ice-T gets the story from the source. According to reports, the project came about in a conversation the director had with producer Paul Toogood about how Ice-T crafted his hits "6 in the Morning," and "Colors." It was then and there that Ice-T realized his friends and other emcees have stories to tell about how they crafted their hits, how they made their style and above all, how they came up. If you needed a lesson in the genre, this is the crash course you needed.