Saturday, January 28, 2017

Quick News


During a recent New York screening of the new documentary on HR from Bad Brains, Finding Joseph I, the singer said that the band might be working on new music this year. "“Well what I’ve been talking to Doc and Darryl about was if they’d like to come together in the fall,” he said. The band's last record was 2012's Into the Future.

Speaking to Fact Magazine, Missy Elliot said she has enough music for a new record but don't hold your breath on its release. She said: "I got enough records to make an album, but I would never say a day or time that it would happen because those fans are brutal and they will stone me if I told a date and it didn’t drop on that date. I have learned my lesson from other artists go through that. The element of surprise works for me. It gets a little crazy out there and I don’t wanna get jumped by my fans, so I’m gonna keep it a secret. People don’t understand that things happen behind the scenes. It may be a sample clearance, or anything, so I’d rather just wait."

In May, the soundtrack to the grunge-era film, Singles, will see the soundtrack reissued. The double reissue will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the film and will contain the remastered soundtrack as well as a companion record of rarities from Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell, and songs that didn't get included in the film and original disc.

Jarvis Cocker is linking up with Chilly Gonzalez for the collaborative record called Room 29. The album is a concept record about the infamous Room 29 inside L.A.'s Chateau Marmont Hotel. The album arrives in March.