Thursday, January 12, 2017

Tame Impala's Cameron Avery Announces Solo Debut

Cameron Avery of Tame Impala will release his solo debut album, Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams, in March.

He said of the record: "I wanted to make something that sounded like the old records I love—Johnny Hartman, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Sarah Vaughan, Etta James—the big band stuff with less metaphorical lyrics."

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below, and hear the first single, "Wasted on Fidelity." 

01 A Time and Place
02 Do You Know Me by Heart?
03 Dance With Me
04 Wasted on Fidelity
05 Big Town Girl
06 Disposable
07 The Cry of Captain Hollywood
08 Watch Me Take It Away
09 An Ever Jarring Moment
10 C’est Toi (extended)