Monday, November 2, 2015

Quick News

Last week on London's tube, mysterious posters popped up featuring a strange logo with the date December 4 marked on it. A few sleuthy fans figured out it may be the artwork for the new Coldplay album. Now, the band has taken to Twitter to confirm the news that it is the cover to their allege final record, A Head Full of Dreams.

Jonah Matranga is currently writing his autobiography, Alone Rewinding. The book by the singer of Far  / Gratitude / Onelinedrawing / New End Original will chronicle his life in the business and trying to support his daughter at the same time. In a press release, he calls it "A big, vulnerable book." He also said: "I’m going to do my best to figure out how to talk about what’s happened over the last 20-ish years of raising my daughter and making music in all the wildly diverse ways I have. It will be something of a love letter to and for anyone that’s ever been in to any of my ideas over the decades, and it will also be an interesting and instructive read for anyone that just likes a good, true, wonderfully weird story."

Sia will release her new album, This is Acting, in January. 

Senna director Asif Kapadia will follow-up this year's critically acclaimed film, Amy, the documentary on Amy Winehouse, with a documentary on the early years of Oasis. Kapadia will act as executive-director on the film with Mat Whitecross to direct. No word yet on the film's release.

Paul Westerberg has started a new band with Juliana Hatfield called The I Don't Cares. The band are set to release their first album next year.