Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Quick News

Speaking to Billboard, Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney said the band are already to work on the follow-up to this year's Turn Blue. Carney said, "I think if it were up to Dan and I, and we didn't have to consider the fact that we need to complete the full tour circuit, we'd probably be back in the studio in January. I think by the time this record came out we were ready to make another one. We started the band because we wanted to make albums," he added. "We wanted to make one record, and then we found out we had to tour. We didn't play our first show 'til after our first record was recorded, so it's always been about making records, and it's been a process in growing to become good performers."

After speaking to The Observer and saying Radiohead were ready to hit the studio next month, Phil Selway says the best of what the band can do is still to come, telling NME, "There's always that sense that our best record is still to come. There’s still a lot creativity we can do together."

Also speaking to NME are Daughter who are discussing the studio sessions of their new album. Guitarist Igor Haefeli said "We've played so many shows that our dynamic has become more extreme. The first album became rockier on stage, with the quieter bits getting quieter and the loud bits getting louder. We're playing with that dynamic, because it gives us more possibilities, knowing that that side exists within us." No word as to the arrival of this record.

Lorde took to social media to show that she is working on the follow-up to last year's Pure Heroine. No word as to when the record will arrive. Many are already speculating that it will come out next year.

Modest Mouse are set to reissue their first two albums, This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing to Think About and The Lonesome Crowded West in October and November, respectively on 180-gram vinyl. Each LP will come with a 7" from the recording sessions.