Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Live Review: Blonde Redhead @ Rough Trade

Over 21 years together and nine albums later, Blonde Redhead celebrated the release of their latest record, Barragan, with an intimate hometown concert at Brooklyn's latest music hot spot, Rough Trade. The band who started off as a noise-punk group playing tiny dive bars in New York have established themselves as musical chameleons over the years and their latest offering was no different. In a free concert and meet-and-greet to fans who purchased the new LP at Rough Trade, Blonde Redhead gave their audience a taste of what they can expect when they go home, crack open the plastic and put the needle down on the vinyl record, as well as much more surprises that only a live show can bring.

With the release of Barragan, it hears the seminal City band transform again into a mellow dramatic  wave of emotion and subdue vibes that the band got across in concert. Playing for just 30 minutes and only songs from Barragan, Blonde Redhead were clearly still working out the kinks as to how to play these songs live as mistakes, miscues, bum notes, and even vocal issues from singer Kazu Makino plagued the set. Yet, the audience encouraged them more to keep soldiering on, however, with the kinks it added to the effect and importance of a live show. As I told the band after the concert, "This is something you can't get from the record," they laughed and said, "Yes, that is true!" While they rehearse and hit the road this fall in support of Barragan, by that time all of the issues should be ironed out. Until then, the record is enough to keep fans of this band excited for the new chapter in this bands long and evolving career.