Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Muse Detail New Album

On June 12, Muse will return with their new album Drones. In a press release, front man Matt Bellamy said, "To me, 'Drones' are metaphorical psychopaths which enable psychopathic behavior with no recourse. The world is run by Drones utilizing Drones to turn us all into Drones. Drones explores the journey of a human, from their abandonment and loss of hope, to their indoctrination by the system to be a human drone, to their eventual defection from their oppressors."

Take a look at the cover, above, and the tracklisting, below:

1.         Dead Inside
2.         [Drill Sergeant]
3.         Psycho
4.         Mercy
5.         Reapers
6.         The Handler
7.         [JFK]
8.         Defector
9.         Revolt
10.      Aftermath
11.      The Globalist
12.      Drones